Saturday 28 January 2017

How to recover external hard disk data when undetected?

External hard disks are a very popular portable device which are capable of transferring large amounts of data from one device to another. For keeping backups of the internal hard disk of a computer, a external hard disk is a very useful tool. But sometimes people face different kind of problems with external hard disks. One of the most common problems is undetected hard disk or unrecognizable device. There are some easy ways to recover data from that particular external hard disk which is undetected.

Naturally, this problem occurs from a faulty USB port of the laptop or PC. You can also see this unrecognized device problem because of a faulty USB cable. So first of all, you have to check whether the USB port is performing all right and then you have to check your USB cable by which you connected your external hard drive in a laptop or PC.

Sometimes, external hard disks don’t appear in windows explorer. But in disk management, we could see that the device is already connected because it doesn’t have any partition like the other drives of windows. So firstly go to the My Computer and right click on it. You will find an option named Manage. After going into this option, you can see a tab named disk management. Go into it and see whether the device is present inside the disk management or not. If the device is present, we can use an external hard disk recovery software like EaseUS partition manager to recover the data from the hard disk, and then format it properly so that your windows can recognize the device again.

If your external hard drive doesn’t show up in the disk management, you can go to the device manager by right clicking over My Computer and going to the option Manage. Look under the tab disk drive and see whether there is any unknown device with a yellow exclamation sign on it. If there is any device with that sign, you can be sure that the driver of the device had gotten some kind of problem. Right click on the unknown device and select the option of update driver software. You can either update the driver software through the internet or you can select your driver from a list of device drivers. If you follow the steps properly, your external hard drive will be detected by the computer after the driver installation.
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Sometimes Windows asks to format the hard drive when the hard drive partition becomes raw. Do not format it. If you format your drive, all of your data will be lost. It will be wise to use a data recovery tool to recover data from the raw drive. Of course it will take a lot of time to recover raw data from a drive, but it’s the safest process of not losing data.

Sometimes, none of the above mentioned processes work if some kind of hardware damage occurs inside the external hard disk. In that case, you cannot recover your data and you have to contact with the manufacturer to repair it. So it is a wise thing to back up all of your important data in some kind of cloud storage over internet.