Tuesday 28 February 2017

When is Do-It-Yourself Data Recovery Worth the Risk? (Updated)

When it comes to retrieving deleted data from your laptop or PC, we know that sometimes, through no fault of your own, you’re looking at paying out, to get that data back. Some of you may feel confident enough of your technical skills to attempt using online software to recover that lost information yourself for a lower cost. And, in some, lucky cases this might work. But, the times where no damage at all was made to your laptop or PC was made in these instances, are few and far between.
If you’re reading this post, you might be considering doing the very thing we’re warning you against. If you are, or even if you’re just feeling intrigued and want to log this information for the future, read on.

Data Recovery DIY

How Was the Data Lost?

There are a number of ways in which files and data can be lost. They include:
  •      Human error/deletion.
  •      Physical damage to the drive.
  •     Unexpected glitch where the data is        nowhere to be found (by you, at least.)
  •     An update has wiped that data or file section, unexpectedly.

In all of these situations, an expert has a much greater chance of finding what you need, without damaging your computer. Using do-it-your self software, however, doesn’t. And Here’s why. If you’ve deleted the data or files, they will remain on your laptop or PC for a while – until they’re over-written by app updates or a new program - LIKE THE ONE YOU’VE JUST DOWNLOADED. Right there is the first and arguably, biggest risk of doing this yourself.

If an update has moved or seems to have wiped the data you need, you’re in a similar situation to the one above. So, while the data is probably still on there, the change likely renders it as unwanted, which leaves it open to being over-written.
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If the machine has been dropped, cracked or damaged in some way, then the software you’ve just bought and downloaded, simply won’t be equipped for the job. That’s because they are designed to navigate through machines that are in correct working order. If you use them on a damaged machine, they can’t work in the way they should which means, unless you’re incredibly lucky, they won’t work and can potentially damage other files in the process.

The Cost of Professional Data Recovery is Worth Every Penny

If the data or files you’ve lost are worth something to you in monetary terms, it suggests you really need them found. If that’s the case, why are you even considering a do-it-yourself option that has a real possibility of failing and causing more damage?
If, however, the files aren’t all that valuable but you still want them, we’re afraid the same applies – is it worth the risk of saving a little money to get back something that’s personally important?

Of course, because we are data recovery experts, we know how to get our files back, so we are confident when we tell you our service is great value for money. Our experience and expertise means we know where to look for your data, in a way that doesn’t damage your laptop or PC. If you have to put a price on the data you’ve lost, we think our fixed price fees might surprise you and make the choice to use our services pretty simple! 
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