Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Should You Use Free Data Recovery Tools to Find Deleted Texts?

There comes for many, when an important text message is somehow deleted from your phone. It could be through human error, a digital malfunction or an unknown glitch. Whatever the reason, you need to get that deleted text message or string back, as quickly as possible!
There are a number of ways to attempt this, and not all of them are reliable. Going through the settings might seem like the logical thing to do, but unfortunately, it just won’t give you the result you’re looking for. And, if you’re determined to retrieve the message you’ll have to use a different route.

What Happens to a Deleted Text

When you hit the delete button, you’d be right in thinking the data you’ve specified you no longer want remains on your phone. What you’re actually when you delete a text, is saying this data is no longer important to you and the file space can be used elsewhere.
That means you need to act fast if you want to recover your deleted text before the file space is overwritten by an app update or new file. If you’re in a position to quickly connect to a laptop or PC and download a free-to-use tool, you’re in with a better chance of getting back the message you lost. But, if you aren’t, the possibility that file space will be overwritten, will increase.
For those of you who are adamant that a certain deleted text is important enough to hunt for it with a free tool, however, there are options.

Free Data Recovery Apps

Now, there are a few data recovery apps out there for mobiles. But, there’s never a 100% guarantee it’s going to work. And, there’s also some risk associated with this method, with pretty much no safeguards for you, the user. But, they can work well with no damage to the files on your device.

Among the better free to use data recovery apps are:

Each of them require connection to a laptop or PC – as do most data recovery programs - but aren’t particularly tricky to install or use.
The instructions tend to be pretty straight forward, download, connect and let the program search the files on your phone. The outcomes are also pretty easy to find and see. And, there shouldn’t be any damage to your phone’s files either – provided you’ve chosen a recovery program that conducts read-only data and it works properly.
But, there is a chance this won’t work. There’s also a chance that it might damage other files on your mobile and, in some cases with Android phones, the need to root your phone can invalidate the warranty. Rooting – where you take over administrative ownership of every part of your phone – also has the possibility of leaving you with an unresponsive handset.

Take a Safer Deleted Text Recovery Route

While free recovery apps do exist and can work, if you really do need to recover deleted text messages, the safer and more reliable option is to call in the professionals.

At Brisbane DataRecovery, we’re equipped to find the data you want but can’t see. We do it safely, with your rights and privacy guaranteed. Our experience and knowledge also means there’s less chance of any damage to your phone during the deleted text recovery process. Contact the best hard drive data recovery company in brisbane

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